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Winter Sports Summary

Girls' Basketball
Season record: 12-10

This was a great change for me and this was a great group. I wish I had this group a year earlier. It was fun and exciting to coach these ladies. These players were reliable and receptive to improvement. Our seniors were great - Rishelle Charles, Felicia Karavellas, and Candra Saunders. Rishelle Charles and Felicia Karavellas were Capital All-Stars. Whitney Crankfield was Coaches All-County Honorable Mention. I also want to highlight the efforts of Samantha Sydney. Our most memorable moment was the overtime win over Chesapeake. Great effort! Predicition for next year? The sky's the limit! Congratulations! Thanks to our volunteers Jane Good, Joanne Foster, Carey Arason, and Ralph Johnson.

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Most recent update April, 2002