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Spring Sports Summary

Boys' Lacrosse
Season record: 9-3

This year's squad was untraditionally young and inexperienced. However, they managed to pull through many tough situations. During the regular season, the Panthers won two overtime games, propelling them to their good county record. Two of their three losses came by only one goal when the team simply ran out of time. The team's leaders were tri-captains Charlie Dammeyer, Robbie Haberlein, and Greg Vetter with a large cast of supporting people. Fellow senior Cameron Fenwick, Greg Nelson, Andre Toney, Ryan O'Connor, Ricky Cherba, J.B. Huyett, and Bobby Baker all helped in the leadership of the team. Stand-outs in the Junior class were Matt O'Neill, Luke Mays, David Gioffere, Nick Baker, and Justin Berdaquez.

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